Spain is known as a fisherman’s paradise. It boasts a massive coastline, marine resorts, Mediterranean islands, Atlantic islands, large rivers, lakes and reservoirs all with their own fishing experience waiting to be explored.


Fishing is big business in Spain. Tourists from across the globe to visit Spain primarily for the fishing experience of a life time. It’s not just tourists that have come to Spain to fish  TV personalities such as Robson Green (Extreme fishing with Robson Green) and Jeremy Wade (river monsters). Both of these well-known fishing personalities came specifically to Spain to take on the giant Wells catfish that abounds in the River Ebro.


Freshwater fishing

Spain with over 75,000 km of rivers as well as thousands of lakes and reservoirs has a whole lot fishing to offer. There is something for every type of angler to enjoy.There is fly fishing available in the north, calm lakes and reservoirs to sit back and relax or big fast flowing rivers ready to put all your angling skills to the challenge.


The most common freshwater fish found in Spain are barbel (various types), bass, bogue, bream, carp, mullet, perch, pike, sturgeon, tench and trout, as well as the Salmon and the giant Wells catfish.


The river Ebro


The river Ebro is famous amongst the worlds angling community. This immense river provides the chance and challenge of landing a giant Wells catfish. If you have a licence(*), the right tackle and a strong will, then why not try and land a giant. River guides are scattered up and down the river and most offer fishing from either the bank and/or from a boat. They also come with years of experience of fishing this stretch of water.It is strongly recommended you take on their advice. The river is forever changing and with strong undercurrents and changing conditions, these are the people to listen to!

Yet this awesome river has more than just catfish. It is loaded with amazing fish, such as huge carp which always prove an exciting challenge on this river. So, if fighting a giant is not for you then fear not! There is plenty of other fish in the river to take on.

Sea fishing

Spain with over 2,000 km of coastline, the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary islands surrounded by the cold Atlantic haves an awful lot of variety when it comes to sea fishing. In the Mediterranean you will find grouper, sea bream, cod, tuna, mullet, bonito,swordfish,and various species of shark.

All along the Spanish coastline you will find beautiful beaches offering some good coastal fishing or fishing off rocky edges.The picturesque marine resorts are numerous, where you can hire a boat with a local fisherman for some shallow water fishing or charter a deep sea fishing vessel, fully equipped for the occasion.

The Balearic islands offer idyllic coves and deep sea fishing whereas the Canary islands offer a whole different fishing experience. Located in the Atlantic, deep sea fisherman have recorded their biggest catches there where Marlin, tuna and sharks are found in greater numbers. The Canary islands are often the location for big competitions.

(*)Licences and regulations

A fresh water licence is required (licencia de pesca) if you wish to fish in Spain. There are a few options available, ranging from  a few days up to 5 years. Proof of identity and payment is all you should need. Unless you intend to fish in regions such as Andalusia, where you will have to show proof of civil liability insurance. It’s always a good idea to check with your guide or with the regions government before embarking on your trip.

Each region will have their own restrictions on the number of licences issued per day, size of fish caught (often the number as well), bait used and techniques used. Local town halls and tourist offices can provide information on local fishing areas. They can also provide a fishing map (mapa de pesca fluvial). This will provide you with information on where to fish, what you may catch plus details on seasons and licences.

The trout season opens in March and closes at the end of August.

The salmon season opens on the first Sunday in March and closes on the second Sunday in July.

Sea fishing is prohibited from one hour after sunset, until one hour before sunrise.

Many regional governments will issue you a licence online. If that is not an option for you licences can be purchased from town halls, savings banks and regional offices. Some guides will take care of licences but not all of them. will process licence applications online for the following regions :       Aragon, Asturias, Castile & Leon, Castile-la Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura and Navarre