Festa del Renaixement TortosaSpain is the county of festivals and fiestas. No matter where you are in Spain you will find a fiesta of some kind. Fiestas range from your local village festival up to the internationally famous fiestas such as the San Fermin festival (know as the running of the bulls). There are also a lot of large festivals that don’t get the coverage they deserve for example the festa del renaixement Tortosa (the Tortosa renaissance festival). read on…



imagesSpain has a vast array of events going on through out the year. Ranging from music and art festivals, carnivals, film festivals, expositions and many other interesting and fun events. There is something for everyone and any age to enjoy. read on…



Family fun


roller coaster

Something Spain has done well with over the years is providing some good family entertainment. With Zoos, theme parks and aquariums being some of the bigger family attractions there is whole lot more that Spain can offer from adventure to relaxation.     read on…






As a lot of people will already know Spain has been a major contender in world sport for many years. Football and tennis have seen the most success over the past few years from Spanish representatives. But don’t forget Spain is full of devout sportsman and women from all levels and ages in a number of different sports.     read more.. 





Fishing is a big deal in Spain and is vital to Spanish tourism. With people from all over the world coming to Spain to try and catch a giant wells catfish on the river Ebro or trying your hand a deep sea fishing. Whatever your angling preference Spain can provide. read on…


Water sports


sailing   With Spain having large coastlines on the east, south and northwest, there is alot of water sports for everyone, from sailing to jet skiing. Extreme sports are also on the rise with surfing and kite surfing becoming very popular. But water sports don’t just exist on the sea, a lot of river activities exist such as kayaking and white water rafting. read on…




Entertainment is huge in Spain, from the large music gig to the local flamenco dancers. Everyone likes to be entertained in different ways and Spain has a lot to offer. Traditional or modern Spain will have something that suits you. read on…
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