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I, Roseann (aka Rosie Reay), come from a background of marketing, branding and naming industry
In fact, it was my secondary income while working in IT in the UK, (when I wasn’t teaching remedial education privately). The beauty of now having over 15 years of work experience in it, has allowed my career to be portal and to move with me as an Expat when once again I relocated, but this time to Spain. Though for years my time was limited while I nursed my chronically and terminally ill husband (he is now at peace and free of his sufferings) I have continued to write. The spring of 2012 I have revamped and regained my marketing focus, by venturing out with a marketing industry related blog Rosie Reay in Spain
So by us being able to not only offer marketing and printing services to you, we can write your advertising copy for your existing or new website; your brochure; your business proposals; personal Cv´s (curriculum vitaes). Perhaps you have a brilliant product but need someone to merely write the advertisement for you. Sure – no job is too small for us to assist you with it.
We have various pages on here where we can help promote you too. We have a classified Advertisement section where you can also reach the huge Expat communities across Spain.On the other hand you may have brilliant advertising and promotional materials written in Spanish or Catalan. You love the existing layout. The photographs are stunning and On the other hand you may have brilliant advertising and promotional materials written appropriate and up to date. The issue I hear is the Expats don’t understand them- their knowledge of our language is not fluent enough. We can help! We work closely with a team of expert linguists fluent in Spanish and Catalan and English. Strange you may say, because we are English. Yes, but these are their home languages and English is their third or fourth language. So you know you are working with people who are genuinely fluent!
I work closely with our partners The CEO there has lectured at universities in California, a popular and much sort after Guest Speaker at business events and produced various helpful books on the subject .These may be purchased at
Gareth’s organisational skills, attention to the most finite detail, observing and studying the trade stands, and listening skills has lead him to learn very quickly and to start growing this side of the business for future trade shows. He was seen recently assisting and supporting our family business associates at the Fira in Madrid, March 2012.
Marketing Opportunities to help you get past the Eu & Spanish crisis
Over the recent years I have assisted local expats with their start-ups for holiday rental projects in gaining market awareness, positioning and finding their target market niche, flyers, business cards and blogging on their behalf via Here are but a couple for you to consider. It is not limited to just these. We cover everything, as long as it is legal and above board.
Dining I continually hear the lament of foreigners who have settled here “If only we had somewhere different to go to for a meal, to do something out of the ordinary, instead of same old same old.” Some people by nature are not adventurous, nor are they researchers who will scour the internet for places and things to do. They like to pick up a flyer or read an advert and think “Ooh, we will give that a try.”
We can help you the advertiser to reach this untapped market as well as those who are fervent internet browsers. We can work closely together with you to expand your clientele, through your advertisement, our sales and marketing abilities to take your promotions to another level, do your copy writing for you, create flyers and write travel and restaurant reviews, share the information through our various blogs, newsletters and outlets. No man is an island, so to come through this crisis we need to work smarter and work together. We can look at projects individually and see how we can help. It may be something as simple as the photographs do not show your best image or your printing material needs updating, or you have poorly translated menus into other languages. We can help.
EntertainmentWhere is the night time entertainment? The jazz bars, the sports bars, night time quizzes, theme evenings, the Discos, the theatres and cinemas -sure mostly they are in the cities or larger towns, but where?
I am constantly surprised when I come across such a place, and locals say “Didn’t you know it was there?” No and I’ve lived here for years. If people don’t advertise how can they get clients? Tourists will be more inclined to visit other areas if they know they have choices. We will be a mixed party group travelling from say…Europe, Russia or the Ukraine. Where are the family activities? Where can the grown-ups go? Where can the teenagers go? Where can young adults go and dance the night away? What goes on through the daytime? Is anything open through the long siestas or what can we go and see or tour around?


Strategic marketing programs to meet your goals and budgets.

From a simple flyer to a complete regional campaign, with P.R., brochures, presentations, websites and social media efforts.

Promote your restaurant, villa, hotel, sports complex, fishing trips, boat outings, guided tours or fiesta.