Have ticket will travel? Rather organize your financial portfolio before you board.


Wow! This is the best site I have found for the collation of well-constructed, good and unbiased information enabling you to make informed decisions. The entire site www.whichoffshore.com  is appropriate and valid for your relocation abroad. The double bonus is all this information is free!

Many Expats I’ve spoken to think this is only needed by those dripping in diamonds and driving Maserati’s not so! This is for all Expats!

The most paramount action you should take on moving abroad is to sort out your finances (and I´m not just talking about accommodation funding), before you go. That is where offshore investments experts come into the equation.

Another brilliant feature to this site is it is the hub of International and Financial News as it becomes currant. (hyperlink). This is couple with money savings tips for Expats and how and when an IFA can help you reach those all important decisions. Whichoffshore.com guides to the labyrthm of the best Ethical Investments and why one should invest offshore.

Besides the factor that we need all to accept as Governments’ push their pension retiring age back further and further, what as an Expat will happen to our pension or how do we deal with it. They offer advice not only QROPS but alsoQNUPS protection from Inheritance Tax. As we mature in years we need to be comfortable that our loved ones are considered and know how to pass on wealth sensibly and in the best possible manner.

If your relocation did not facilitate the above to occur, not to worry. Unpack your suitcases and contact them on the first working day possible. It could be the best life-saving call you make.