Gandesa 24 January 2015, Battle of the Ebro history effect on the evolution of the Cooperative Winery

GandesaThis is a totally different wine experience as it is a three-fold event, focused for your enjoyment and to enlighten you; the history of this area mingled with the grape production evolution during the conflict and followed with the inevitable but very important wine tasting to conclude an enjoyable day.

Meet up at 16:30 tomorrow 24th January, 2015 at :


CEBE (The Centre of Studies for the The Battle of The Ebro) at Waldo,

Avda. Catalonia 5, of Waldo.

Entrance fee of 12.00 euros per person. Email: or telephone on 669 060 312 or 650 187 401

The Centre of Studies for the Battle of the Ebro has organised activities based around the history of and the co-operationg of the Cooperative Winery. The conflict of the Battle of the Ebro occurred from July 25th until November 16th in 1938. This had a lasting effect on the wine production located in the heart of the of the battle. This has had such an important impact on the local economy, even their way of life and ensuing evolution of the wine produced here.

So your experience starts with a visit to the CEBE situated in the Waldo. All available history material will be on display.

thereafter you will be guided around the winery and you will discover and be informed how this the Ebro Battle affected, challenged and changed the wine production her.

The day is rounded off as you are invited to taste three of their finest wines:

1. Somdinow white vintage 2009

2. The young black Somdinou 2013

3. the 1919 Rancid