RestaurantsThe Menu del Dia (the menu ofthe day) is such an exceptionally good value (8 to 15euros) wherever you see them so I do recommend you try as many as possible. Silver service is always available at Al la carte restaurants. During fiestas the town, village or port will serve menus appropriate to the event. Tapas bars vary in size and the quaint traditions of this type of eatery is wonderful – to taste so many different flavours in a welcoming and local ambience. Fast Foods are all along the Costas. They serve their purpose but need not be cheap, so families beware! Often you can sit down and have a full menu for half the price – so be adventurous and try different places. You have every type of cuisine in the holiday hotspots ranging from; Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Mexican, English, Russian and Chinese. Do eat at the coastal seafood restaurants -freshly caught fish. Ask the Manager what is their speciality catch of the day-it need not be the most expensive, but the tastiest!

- Spain is simply culinary delightful -