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service as the mainstay of the company.
Gareth Aidan Dodgson 


CEO and online consultant

Gareth heads our global expats family coming from a very diverse military, financial and business background. He compliments the strength of our infra – structure with his leadership and management skills.

Like all members of the Brighter Spain team he has lived, worked and travelled to many countries and different continents. As a result, he is richer in character, experience, outlook and business acumen. Gareth has inter – mingled with their cultures, languages and seen changing business needs and watched how tourism trends are evolving.

He understands what the locals, the east and west Europeans seek out in sport tourism destinations. He knows they want choices and diversity. This ranges from accommodation to eating out, eating in, coast and mountain mixture, river sports to land based sports, history, cultures, shopping, relaxing. Do everything or do nothing!

Gareth has studied both Dream Weaver and WordPress web design in the USA. He is totally revamping Brighter Spain, bringing new ideas and products on board. He now resides in the Tarragona province of Catalonia, his vision is not solely for the Barcelona – Costa Daurada down to Ebro Delta. It is for the whole of Spain, he is developing the site into a prominent advertising portal for Spain, creating online shopping for Brighter Spain products; a bookstore and a jewellery store

Gareth is focused on developing a product range of jewellery with an African and/or Spanish influence. Currently available are knot bracelets – available in 3 or 5 strand copper or silver wired with 2, 3 or 6 adjustable knots making it easier for the wearer to fit or remove. These are suitable for ladies and gents to wear with various attires. They are very popular in the States and growing in demand across Europe and elsewhere. Ranges of African pendants and product line are under development.

Gareth’s organizational skills, attention to the most finite detail, observing and studying the trade stands, and listening skills has led him to learn very quickly and to start growing this side of the business for future trade shows.

Recently Gareth has been an active member at jewellery exhibitions – Madrid 2012, researcher at Basle 2013, whereas last year Dec 2014/Jan 2015 he was working at similar exhibitions – different states – USA for our sister company Safari Gold.

Gareth is passionate about all our products services and information Brighter Spain provide. He has extremely strong work ethics in serving all aspects of our business with our advertising, our product trade, our tourist clients, property management services, marketing and trade fair services and our expat services.

Yet the most important element is he offers an honest, open and personal

Brighter Spain is looking forward for a Brighter Future together!


Roseann Dodgson: (aka Rosie Reay)


International linguistic, naming, branding consultant:

As well as tourism blogging Rosie has blogged on EU Products names, European naming or branding trends. She is a proficient writer of all forms of copy covering sales, advertising (exhibition material) and marketing. Rosie is an experienced editor and proof-reader that spans a broad spectrum, not only in Europe, but in Canada and the USA and Africa. She has a penchant for books on marketing, SEO, naming and branding and technical documentation.

She is well-travelled having lived and worked on different continents. Rosie brings a wealth of business experience to the table and comes from first from an educational grounding and changing career paths continued studying to glide into financial banking, marketing and medical technology background.

Rosie has worked as a secondary occupation for over 18 years as a multi-linguistic international naming consultant. First, for a public relations corporation in California and for many years and today, still works closely as a senior consultant for a naming agency in California.

Rosie is a senior naming consultant and linguist for Brighter Naming, an international naming and branding agency headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA.

Rosie  in 2015 is spear-heading  their expansion to be more focused in Europe She can help you directly with business and product names that need to be unique and trademarked in the EU, as well as naming small local businesses.

For names that need to be cleared worldwide, or special advanced technical projects, or need special trademark issues to be resolved, Rosie will work as your liaison with the experienced team in head office.

Published Writer:

Rosie is our resident writer across all genres and an experienced English tutor from young children to adults or post-graduates. Rosie has a thirst for languages and has many under her belt but continues to improve her Spanish while commencing on another language, Romanian.

Roseann is an ardent supporter of language groups on Facebook where she will tutor English online to people around the world, while embracing their cultures, she encourages them to perfect their grammar and to raise their fluency to a higher level and to share with their others their knowledge. BrighterSpain have their own language group on Facebook, where we have started a pilot scheme called “Brighter Languages” group inter-linking primarily in English, Spanish, French and Romanian.

Since relocating in 2004 to Catalonia, Spain, she has assisted local expats with their start-ups for holiday rental projects in gaining market awareness, positioning and finding their target market niche, flyers, business cards and blogging on their behalf via Ebrovoice.com. Rosie enjoys travel and tourism writing, as well as writing much copy for Holiday rental properties and advertising. While living here in Catalonia has had a regular column in an Expat Newspaper coupled with a regular book review page.

Roseann Dodgson is a published writer, under her non de plume, Rosie Reay writes both for children and adults (fiction and non-fiction). A Very Scary Christmas A Scriborium Short Story Anthology published one of her short stories that as  a stand-alone “Christmas Reunion at Villa El Figueral” has since been translated into Dutch (available on Amazon.com) and Spanish and Catalan, shortly to be available as bilingual e-books here on Brighter Spain as  English being the alternative language in each case.

Headline News : In August 2015 a non-fiction short story of Rosie Reay: Room 415.1 is to be included into a compilation of short stories across all genres titled A Matter of Words  and available from Barnes and Noble from Scout Media.


Room 415.1 is only a snapshot on forthcoming volume on “Time to say Goodbye”. This non-fiction novel is slowly evolving as it has many twists and turns as it covers her life on various continents weaving in family histories too.

A ficitional novel called “Catalonian Soup” continues to have stories added to the cauldron and hopefully will bubble to completion soon.

Children’s Titles – The Chimona Chronicles by Rosie Reay

When you care what your children read, when you want to enjoy reading to them too, when you want to share in stories for youngsters that introduce new places, travel and other location or educational titbits. Then this series, with its matching great illustrations will be perfect for your family.

Introduce your children to books that connect to real things, animals and places in the world. Help them find locations on a map. Have them explore the personalities of the little character critters that come alive, while always helping them extend their vocabulary.

But keep the fun level up with real stories and great illustrations. A series of books with some common threads as the characters travel around the world, starting from Western Canada.”

Book 4 in the “Chimona Chronicles: I am a Canadian!” is due for publication for Christmas.

Rosie Reay the English Tutor:

Whether you are trying to improve your English for college, travel or business reasons, Rosie can be flexible to work with you from one hour to a few hours a week in my home or yours, including after hours and weekends. Spanish, Romanian or Catalan speakers welcome. The classes are tailored to suit the individual requirements.

Maybe as adults you don’t want to study book formally and only require conversational practice, whether for socially or specific to your workplace that is fine too. Drop her an email or WhatsApp her.

If your child is just starting school and five years or over, this is the ideal time to embrace a new language in addition to Castellano and Catalan. They are like sponges and absorb it so quickly. Idea class size is 1 to 1 or up to 3 students.
I have had great success with these young ages in addition to my college and business students.

Tortosa or surrounding area only please. Flexible schedules, including weekends.

See Contacts page.

PS Learn to write for the web too, including marketing copy and blogs. For my latest news, please see the Brighter Spain blog on this site.